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Welcome to Perfect English with Danny. This is a podcast that will not only share useful English tips and lessons with you, but it will also take you on a journey in the name of English to arts, culture, history, literature, science, education, and much more because I believe that learning a language takes more than just vocabulary and grammar. The deeper you dive in different areas related to the English language, the more confident you will be in using it in your daily conversations and writing. Happy Learning - Danny


Jul 2, 2019

Word of the day is Decree

countable noun

A decree is an official order or decision, especially one made by the ruler of a country.

In July he issued a decree ordering all unofficial armed groups in the country to disband.

He is prepared to use his recently-acquired powers to introduce reform by presidential...

Jul 1, 2019

Today's word is Collaborate


When one person or group collaborates with another, they work together, especially on a book or on some research.


He collaborated with his son Michael on the English translation of the text.
A hospital will collaborate with a retail developer to improve retail and catering...

Jun 27, 2019

The word of the Day is Citadel Citadel 1. countable noun In the past, a citadel was a strong building in or near a city, where people could shelter for safety. Aleppo's citadel and ancient souks are remnants of one of the oldest continually occupied cities on earth. Synonyms: fortress, keep, tower, stronghold More...

Jun 26, 2019

Churlish is the Word of the Day: Churlish adjective Someone who is churlish is unfriendly, bad-tempered, or impolite. [disapproval] She would think him churlish if he refused. The room was so lovely it seemed churlish to argue. Synonyms: rude, harsh, crabbed, vulgar Support this podcast by becoming a patron on...

Jun 25, 2019

Word of the Day - Bonanza Bonanza countable noun You can refer to a sudden great increase in wealth, success, or luck as a bonanza. The expected sales bonanza hadn't materialized. Synonyms: boom, jackpot, windfall, boon Become a parton of this podcast. Visit my Patreon page and help the journey...